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A modern destination with Southern soul

Park Circle is a thriving locale with historic legacy, built by a passionate community of artisans, creators, and tastemakers. Emulating small-town southern charm – with walkable connectivity to a vibrant culinary scene, independent coffee shops, wellness studios, craft breweries, and outdoor recreation – Oak at Park offers opportunity to build roots in Charleston’s most authentic neighborhood.

Walking on the Street

Urban walkability

Just steps away from Park Circle’s bustling restaurants and local watering holes, Oak at Park offers walkability otherwise exclusive to dense cities.


Setting roots here means choosing a lifestyle – with wellness and physical connection to a local community – at its core. From morning dog walks to the local coffee shops to happy hours that extend to unexpected dinners, living  at Oak at Park means never being more than a few steps away from community and social connection.

Historic legacy with industrial heartbeat


Park Circle is a historic district founded in 1912 as a Garden City – an urban planning concept with a regulated number of homes and industries to ensure access to parks. Notably the oldest Garden City in the south, the neighborhood historically housed Charleston’s working-class – the powerhouse that fueled the city’s agriculture, military, aviation, and technology industries. Park Circle and the larger North Charleston area are the heartbeat to the industrial systems that made Charleston hum.  

A thriving locale with eclectic spirit


A thriving locale with eclectic spirit

Throughout the last century, first-movers with vision and entrepreneurial spirit settled in North Charleston, building a community of artisans, creators, and tastemakers and setting the trend for neighborhood expansion.


Now a thriving locale, Park Circle’s lively East Montague Avenue is defined by its notable culinary scene, independent coffee shops, craft breweries, weekly farmers market, wellness studios, disc golf course, and local theater company. Established as a trendy destination, Park Circle draws seasoned visitors and a flux of young residents from downtown Charleston seeking a small town feel and eclectic spirit, with southern soul.
Friends Drinking Beer

A connected community

Physically built in a circular formation, Park Circle places community at the core. A strong community passionate about local arts & culture, preservation, and sustainability initiatives, shape the friendly small town ethos.


Annual community events – including a neighborhood St Patrick’s Day Block Party, Arts Fest, 4th of July, Harvest Festival, Veterans Day, and Christmas Festival – bring families, neighbors, restaurants, and performers together through celebration.


Welcomed with southern hospitality and festivities, newcomers quickly meet the regulars at local businesses, and find connection in an already established community

Be in the middle of it all


By Foot: 5-10 min

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

  • Yoga Studios

  • Craft breweries & Distilleries

  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Disc Golf Course

  • Public Parks

By Car: 5-35 min

  • Charleston Peninsula

  • Folly Beach

  • Daniel Island

  • Sullivan's Island

  • Isle of Palms

  • Plantations

  • Riverfront Park
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