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Designing a home? Build these 2021 interior design trends into your plans.

Architectural Digest Kitchen
A stunning kitchen design by Architectural Digest.

This year – 2020 – has completely transformed the way we look at home. And the home design and construction industries are no different. New home features, such as dedicated office space, airy kitchens and inspiring gym studios, are all the rave, and we’d be remiss to overlook them.

Our team came together and compiled what we believe will dominate the housing market and your social feeds next year and well into the ‘20s decade.

Trend 1: Rethinking doors

You know what they say about first impressions? Well, it all starts with the entrance. In most homes, doors are more of an afterthought or what we’d we call a “basic order” item. In 2021, doors are an integral part of the overall home aesthetic, adding character and functional design to an otherwise blank canvas. Expect to see more statement sliding doors that convey effortless sophistication, custom doors with modern panels and color finishes, and industrial garage doors that double as a wall of windows and connect an interior space to an exterior patio.

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Trend 2: Less furniture, more built-in

Gone are the days of china cabinets and armoires. Today, most homeowners opt instead for spacious walk-in-closets, roomy pantries, fixed shelving, built-in benches and other nooks and hooks that help declutter a space and give your home an immediate stylish, minimal look.

Sources: Veranda Estate Homes (photo 1), Kelly Wearstler’s Mosaics (photo 2), Plank & Pillow (photo 3), Living Room Designs (photo 4), Remodelista (photo 5), Domino Magazine (photo 6)

Trend 3: Blended textures

Textures help create dimension in a space. The rule of thumb is to pick one or two textures and then repeat the texture across a room. In 2021, you’ll see combinations of two, three or four textures working seamlessly together and giving the space an eclectic, urbane feel. Expect to see the chevron or herringbone pattern in flooring, tiles, brick lays and just about every other custom surface. Wallpaper is also going to make a fearless comeback, with contemporary patterns, vibrant colors and delicate line drawings as consistent themes. Ship-lap, statement tiles and white quartz counter tops are also at the top of our predicted go-to 2021 textured materials.

Sources: Saussy Burbank (photo 1), J. Kath Design-Build (photo 2), J. Kath Design-Build (photo 3), Saussy Burbank (photo 4), Allison Campbell Design (photo 5), Blissful Design Studio (photo 6), Triple C Farmhouse (photo 7)

Trend 4: The Fifth Wall

Look up! Ceilings are easy to overlook (pun intended), but with a little attention, they can give your home an earthy, artful vibe. In 2020, we anticipate more thoughtful ceiling designs, including cathedral styles, vaulted beams, ship-lap, wallpaper and contemporary millwork.

Sources: Dawn Reeves Design (photo 1), Studio McGee (photo 2), Unknown (photo 3), AFT Construction (photo 4), Daily Dream Decor (photo 5)

Trend 5: Bringing the outside in

Moving to Charleston or – better yet – Park Circle? Six months out of the year, from September to December and March to May, have gorgeous weather conditions for opening windows and doors and letting the coastal breeze into your home. Panoramic windows, French doors, and windowed kitchens are all sure trends for the next decade. Organic accents and natural motifs, such as concrete finishes, brick flooring and earth tones are also on our watch list for 2021.

Sources: Hans Verstuyft Architecten (photo 1), Jean Stoffer Design (photo 2), Dwell (photo 3), S Bogan Designs (photo 4), Triple C Farmhouse (photo 5)

Trend 6: Brass taps & fixtures

Brass made its debut on the modern interior design scene a few years ago, and we think this design element is here to stay. Brass pairs well with contemporary color palettes — think white, black, high contrast combinations, and neutrals — and it adds a warm, industrial aesthetic that’s hard to replicate with any other material. Done right, brass fixtures and accents are a final touch that give your home the wow factor.

Sources: Vintage Rug Shop (photo 1), Zusss (photo 2), Schoolhouse (photo 3), Unknown (photo 4)

Trend 7: Work(out) at home

In the last few months, home has become more than just a place to sleep, eat and reset. Now, more than ever, home is also where we host virtual work meetings, launch new businesses, exercise and enjoy staycations. In 2021, and likely for the foreseeable future, we’ll continue to expect a lot more from home. Spaces previously dedicated to a few free weights and a mostly unused treadmill will become everyday personal fitness studios. Creative and inspiring work spaces with functional, permanent setups will also become a home staple.

Sources: West Elm (photo 1), Lux Decor (photo 2), Room & Board (photo 3), Unknown (photo 4)

Trend 8: Statement color kitchens

Lastly, and probably our favorite trend of all: kitchens with a bold splash of personality. Light wood and gold are a timeless southern touch, but look out for kitchens with a rich pop of color. Which colors? We think mint, pistachio green, sky-inspired blues and navy blue will take the crown.

Sources: Architectural Digest (photo 1), Sarah Sherman Samuel(photo 2), (photo 3), Jane At Home (photo 4)

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